Thursday, July 14, 2005


Anyone who posts really personal stuff on their blog and then is surprised when people have preconceived notions about them

When you're at the movies with friends and it ends, but everyone sits there waiting for the other person to get up, and you don't know what to do. WHAT DO YOU DO!??! WHEN DO YOU GET UP? IS YOUR FRIEND REALLY ENJOYING THE CREDITS, SO WOULD IT BE RUDE TO GET UP? OR IS HE JUST WAITING FOR YOU?? This is especially pertinent when the movie is something really sad like Schindler's List and 99% of the theatre is sitting there. You don't want to be the jackass who gets up, whistles, and skips out of the theatre while everyone else is sitting there stunned.

The fatal flaws of technology use in education. I've written about this before ( -- warning: serious paper, not funny) but it never gets old when I hear about a stupid school giving away iPods to their new students, putting up LCD monitors in the cafeteria, etc. Give me a break, please.

The Mom Cut, a truly insidious phenomenon. I mentioned this before but apparently I wasn't clear enough, so here goes another tru: This is when college-age girls cut their hair to their shoulders, which resembles a suburban-mom haircut. THIS IS NOT HOT, STYLISH, OR EVEN TOLERABLE. The problem is that girls always say, "Fine, who has a Mom Cut?" The answer is, you know it when you see it. Well, at least I do. Ask any guy and he'll point one out to you.

Anyone who thinks "Well, I called/emailed/contacted them and if they really wanted me, they would get in touch with me." That's not polite or smart, it's arrogant and lazy. Follow up!!!!!

I hate the entire phenomenon surrounding this. Ok, think about what would set off a man more than anything, and this comes to mind for me: Hearing a girl say "I just want a big old ring." And by the same token, hearing a man say "I want my wife to be good around the house" will make women pissed.

I think both sides are being morons about this. Look, when women say they want a big ring, most of them don't care about the ring itself. They're talking about wanting a man who can provide for the family, which there is nothing wrong with. They are NOT saying "I'm going to sit around and do nothing while you go out and work." No!! That's in your head and society's stupid stereotypes.

By the same token, if a man dares to say that he wants his wife to be good around the house, he better have on good running shoes. And Kevlar. Again, morons, the man isn't saying "I'm going to do nothing and you better know how to clean because you're going to be doing it all." NO!!! Hopefully, if he's a good guy, he'll take on his fair share. But the underlying feeling here is that his wife should know how to help around the house, just as the man should know how to help earn for the family.

Bottom line: Can we please stop jumping to god damn conclusions. I know it's really hard in this superhyped, PC, gender-battle society of ours, but if I hear another guy and girl yell at each other about this, I swear I am going to throw a chair at both of them.


Blogger Gabe Rosen said...

People who get their IM's forwarded to their cell phones. This is inefficient and cumbersome, and sends a harsh message that they have better things to do than chat with you except on an emergency basis. Because, as we all know, typing into a phone is unwieldy and time consuming.

When you go out to the sticks for some R&R, and everyone you've been hoping to hear from for days decides to call back now that you have negative five bars of cell phone service.

People who insist on going well under the spped limit IN THE FAST LANE. If everyone wasn't armed these days, my middle finger would be getting a workout that would make Richard Simmons proud. This is so pernicious and virulent in Monterey County that I'm seriously thinking of negotiating with some Afghan warlords for a stinger missile.

Restaurants that serve hamburgers without investing the quality they deserve in them. The hamburger is NOT a throwaway item, Klaus.

When stores are without really basic stuff. My local Safeway had absolutely no lemons the other day!

The geographic and ethnic ignorance of most people. For instance, most Americans don't seem to be aware that Persians and Afghans are not Arabs.

When people keep non-commercial recipes a secret. Wouldn't it be easier if I could make it myself instead of asking you?

College students (my brother Evan's campus, UCSC, is crawling with them) wearing Che Guevara T-shirts. As my brother points out, these kids are making some T-shirt manufacturer money in order to decry capitalism, ostensibly! Also, Che killed a lot of innocent people. But he wore a beret, so I guess he must be an intellectual.

When bananas go from underripe to overripe with no in-between stage.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Talk about geographic and ethnic ignorance- the other day somebody asked me if we still use elephants as transportation in Thailand. Of course I answered "I came on elephant to U.S."

2:45 PM  
Blogger HKagan said...

hey thailand guy contact me please (i am going there and want advice) and now for some anger:

just cause you give me statistics does not make something true. i was talking to a co-worker who was discussing the ROI on a marketing campaign. (side note: he is a good guy so this is nothing personal) but he justified some action just by citing data that had a 5% error margin. WTF, who cares what the margin is if the data is incorrect or invalid or not even relevant. Just made me think that people use #s to prove things and most people just assume they are true. be careful, they are watching:)

1:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hou can you presume that I am a guy from Thailand ?
I did not mention my gender in the comment.

10:31 PM  
Blogger Ryan McC said...

Most animated movies these day, and many comedies, keep the show going through the credits (Out-takes, story tags that fill holes in the plot). Nothing pisses me off more than the people who get up and leave while this is going on. THE MOVIE'S NOT OVER! Sit your ass down, I can't see the screen. Lots of movies have tags at the very end, so what's wrong with sticking around a couple minutes. All the people who walked out on Pirates of The Carribien (and to a lesser extent #2) or X-Men 3 miss important second endings, While almost all Pixar films offer a treat for the patient ones at the end. So if it's not Schindler's List where you know there won't be a tag, stay seated.

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